DustyAug09 010We teach obedience group classes for the County Commissioners. About a year ago one of the students showed up with a matted little boy dog about 8 months old, barking his head off at everyone, people and dogs.

The first thing that has to happen is all the dogs have to learn “no, quiet”, so the owners can hear what we’re saying or they echo in the auditorium. His owner struggled and struggled, accomplishing nothing, so I took the little monster, gave one correction and he quickly sat at my side watching closely, and never said another word!

The second week he was the only absentee so I called her the next morning saying “we missed you last night”. She started crying and explained that her husband came home saying they’re being transferred to California (we’re in Florida). Being a smart aleck I said “well, are you leaving tomorrow?”. I explained that even if she just did 3-4 lessons he’d be a much better little guy and she could find a class out there to finish him up.

She said her husband has hated the dog since she brought him home (from a pet shop) and she had to take him to the humane society. I offered to help her find a home for him and she then asked if I could sell him for her. Geez, she’s going to give him to the HS, and give a donation fee, then asks if I could sell him. I have Labradors so who knows when someone might call me looking for a little hairy dog.

So two days later she brought him over. I couldn’t believe he was the same dog. She’d taken him to the pet shop and he was shaved, razor burn all over his poor body. I doctored him up for days. Also, when he came in he started humping my spayed old Lab and when I said no he marched over and lifted his leg on the refrigerator! He was at my vet’s the next day!

DustyAug09 001Two days later he showed no humping interest and stood outside on all four’s to go to the bathroom… he never lifted his leg again… amazing! The woman brought crate, food, toys and a file folder… she paid $1600 for him and he’s a Havanese!

He’s now my demo dog for class, is a better retriever than the Lab girls, knows about 10 toys by name (bear, rope, blue ball, base ball, mouse, tiger, elephant, octopus, etc) and will always 100% find and bring back the correct toy, and I’m in love. He’s my first little, hairy, boy dog and isn’t going anywhere! His name is Dusty (short for Dustmop)!


This cute little rescue tale comes from Marge Miller who does dog training in Fl.  Thanks Marge for sharing this story and Dusty with us and rescuing that little cutie.  Goes to show with some TLC and the right training, most any pooch can be a great companion!

Do you have a Rescue Tale to share?

Are you involved in “rescue” in any way; rescue, transport, fostering, volunteering at a shelter? did you rescue a furbaby and open your home and heart?  Do you have a wonderful, heartwarming, touching or funny rescue story that you would like to share? This would be a great opportunity to get your rescue or shelter’s name out there or just to share your story.

You can contact me via my contact page or just hitting reply if you receive my newsletter. Pictures are also welcome.

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