Cody, rescued in the nick of timeThis is just a quick story, short on details and names but I wanted to share it with you to show you the hearts of those in rescue and they never stop, no matter what day it is or time of day.

On Christmas Eve night about 11:30 PM I got a desperate phone call from a dear friend in California.  Another friend of ours in Minnesota had gotten an email from a woman about a dog in dire straits.  This dog, Cody, a beautiful 9 year old German Shepherd, was going to die simply because his owner didn’t want him, didn’t want to take the time to care for him and was worried about getting in trouble due to the conditions he was kept in.Cody

The owner planned on having Cody euthanized early the morning after Christmas. Now Cody is a healthy, extremely well-bred, well trained German Shepherd and simply on the whim of his uncaring owner was going to have his life ended.  The owner was adamant that she was not going to take him to a shelter or do anything to help him in any way.  She kept saying that ‘it was too much trouble’ and she was just going to have him euthanized…. period!
So now we have these people, who don’t even know this dog or the owner, exchanging emails in the wee hours on Christmas morning desperate to do something, anything to save Cody.  They didn’t care that it was Christmas, that all the shelters and rescues and vets were closed, that there was almost no help or hope.  A dog was going to die needlessly and they were not going to let it happen.

I can tell you that I was heartbroken.  I have a few rescue contacts, mostly on the east coast and unreachable at the time and I was no help so all I could do was sit and wait and pray.  There was a home for Cody, my friend in Minnesota was ready and willing to take him in, there was just the problem of getting him out of where he was and having the current owner relinquish ownership.

On Christmas day, my California friend and I talked, no word yet.  Finally in the afternoon I got a message that Cody was rescued!! He was not going to be killed! Talk about the best Cody, rescued and safeChristmas present I could get 🙂 And today I got some pictures of the beautiful boy.  Isn’t he just gorgeous?  How could anyone be so cruel and heartless as to plan to just kill him for no reason? How could anyone do that to any dog?

So now you see the heart of those in rescue.  It didn’t matter that it was the wee hours of Christmas morning, phone calls and emails went out to anyone and everyone and in the end a dog’s life was saved. Rescuers really are Angels!!

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