Yes, you’re right, that is a dog stuck in a tree.  Rocky, Michael Adams Sr.’s 6-month-old lab mix puppy didn’t come home after being out running around on Saturday and when Adams finally found him, the pooch was in a rather precarious position, stuck in the bottom of a 40-ft oak tree.

A neighbor was out walking his own dog when he heard some whining coming from a nearby wooded area and actually found the puppy.

“I think he was chasing a squirrel,” Adams said. “But he ran right in there so fast that he got pinned. We tried to dig him out but we couldn’t pull him out.”

That when he called in the local fire department to see if they couldn’t rescue the pinned pooch.

“One of the neighbors asked how we were going to get the dog out, and I said ‘” don’t know,'” Jeremy Brown, chief of the Harlowe Volunteer Fire Department in Havelock, NC  said.

Well, he may not have known to begin with but that didn’t stop him and his crew from doing what it took to get Rocky out of the tree. They discovered that the tree was hollow toward the bottom so they chopped the tree down about three feet above where Rocky lay and using using saws and the Jaws of Life, managed to pry and peel and removed the tree from around the pup.

The crowd that gathered to watch the unusual rescue cheered as Rocky emerged from the 4-foot tree base and happily jumped all over his owner.

Brown was amazed at how well the dog handled the whole situation. “The dog tried to move a little, but then stayed still. It was incredible,” Brown said. “Considering the saws and everything going on around him, he remained calm. Apparently he knew we were trying to help him.”

Needless to say, Adams thanked Brown and his crew of heroes for safely rescuing Rocky and Brown said that everyone involved in the rescue felt just great being a part of reuniting the puppy and family.

What a lucky dog and great group of guys for going the extra distance to rescue him!! Stories like this just make you that feel good. No one cared that it was “just a dog,” it was a a trapped family member with four legs and fur that needed help and the Harlowe Volunteer Fire Department got in there and got it done!

Kudos to rescuers at the Harlowe Volunteer Fire Department!!!

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