Charges Upgraded for Patrick’s Abuser

Today, acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray upgraded the abuse charges against Kisha Curtis to a Fourth-Degree Criminal Offense – torture and torment of a living creature.  Curtis faces 18 months in jail and/or a $3,000 fine if convicted on the abuse against Patrick.  She is currently being held at the Passaic County jail on $10,000 bail.

It still doesn’t sound like enough, but it’s better than the Disorderly Persons Offense she was initially charged with.  New Jersey doesn’t classify offenses as felony or misdemeanor.  They are classified as “degrees”.  First, Second, Third, and Fourth.  These “degrees” are equivalent to a Felony where the Fourth Degree is the lowest form.

She still stands by her story she never threw him down the garbage chute.  Now she says that she tied Patrick outside and “someone took him”.


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Jeff Ivey, Fire Captain of Petersburg Fire Department in Chesterfield, VA is at the center of an animal cruelty investigation after police found 8 dogs on a River Road property he moved out of only days ago.  Four of the dogs were dead and the other four were emaciated and dehydrated.

One friend of Ivey’s said the dogs got little food or water and slept on the ground with no bedding.  Wow, if that’s what a friend of his says….

“I can’t see anybody being cruel to animals. I don’t care what they are whether it’s a dog, cat or whatever. I don’t like it,” said neighbor, Fernanda Smith.

At this point it’s unclear how long the four dogs have been dead and there are many other questions as well. The surviving dogs are in the custody of animal control and at this point no charges have been filed but police say that could change.

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jaime_22Welcome to a new year, and my vote for the first POS of 2010 goes to Jamie Lee Chandley of Lorain Ohio.   Jamie Chandley is a backyard breeder who advertises her business as Midnight Acres Great Danes.  On Christmas Day she called the police to report her estranged husband had kicked in the door to their home and robbed her of a few items.  When the police arrived, it was not the stolen items that concerned them.

It was three, emaciated, starving Great Danes.  According to the police report, the three dogs, were freezing outside in a dog run with no food or water and were covered in feces.  Jaime Chandley was arrested and charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

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Update 11/30/09 – More on Memphis Animal Shelter; Hundreds of Unexplained Deaths – VIDEO

Update 11/10/09 – Memphis Animal Shelter, Two Weeks Later – VIDEO

This cute little 6-month-old puppy, listed on paperwork as Puppy 199287, was admitted to the Memphis Animal Shelter on August 18. By all accounts a healthy little puppy but by September 4, only 16 days later, this little puppy was dead, a victim of starvation at the hands of the Memphis Animal Shelter! Necropsy results should that the puppy hadn’t eaten in at least three days, a necropsy cannot tell beyond that point but it’s obvious from the picture below that it was a lot longer than three days, there was no fat, no muscle left on the 6 month-old puppy’s little body.  In less than three weeks, Memphis Animal Shelter turned a healthy 6-month-old puppy into a living skeleton!

It was pictures of this poor tortured baby, taken by an anonymous informant that led to Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies to launch the raid on the shelter last week.

“We did find some animals that were apparently not well-cared for today,” said Steve Shular, a spokesman for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. “We did find some animals that were malnourished.”

Volunteers from all over flew into Memphis to evaluate the animals, more than 200 dogs and cats, that were at the shelter. The found many malnourished, little food or water, sick animals housed with animal that weren’t sick. animals that were being quarantined for rabies house with the general population, vicious dogs housed with docile dogs. Deplorable conditions in the kennels and a number of dogs, at least three, starved to the point where they died or euthanization was necessary.

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WANTED! 52 Animal Cruelty Related Charges!

Amy DowningThis happy, smiling face belongs to Amy Downing, a Columbus, OH woman who is wanted by authorities to face 52 animal cruelty related charges after dozens of dogs and cats were found living in deplorable conditions her filthy home on Latonia Drive earlier this summer.

The dogs and cats were found jammed into cages so small that they had to live crouched down and on top of one another.  They were sick and emaciated, many of in them is such bad condition that 13 of them had to be euthanized!

Amy Downing dog“The stench was absolutely overwhelming when the humane officers arrived,” said assistant city prosecutor Bill Hedrick.

And now authorities are appealing to the public to find this trash and get it off the streets and hopefully behind bars where it belongs!

Look at that face, she looks anything but underfed and look at the picture of that poor dog, starved skinny and stuck in that cage far too small for her with only a ratty rug for any kind of comfort!

With as little faith as I have for the justice system any more, I wonder how low they’ll plea those charges down and what kind of an actual sentence she’ll get when she’s eventually caught?

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sumter_air_1Dwayne Sumter, the other Fort Bliss animal abuser, was sentenced to 120 days in the county jail, to be served on weekends for failing to report to his probation officer, failing to comply with family counseling, and animal cruelty.

Sumter was placed on probation after an assault against his wife in March of 2007. When he was charged for animal cruelty for leaving his pit bull to die in his garage, it was a violation of his probation.

I love what his lawyer stated to the press.  “He took accountability for his actions and we believe the court was just today.”

JUST? This is justice? Look at this picture.


Look at this poor thing.  She was locked in a plastic crate, chewed her way out, and crawled to a suitcase that was left behind.  She died in the only place that gave her comfort, the suitcase of her owners.  The same two who left her to die.

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Lennis StephensA 31-year-old Daytona Beach, FL man, Lennis Stephens, is facing child neglect and animal abuse charges after investigators checking out an animal abuse complaint found alot more than they bargained for at Stephens’ home.

Not only did they find 9 pitbull puppies and dogs that were severely emaciated, covered in open sores and bite marks, the house’s only toilet was not functional, the stench from rotting food was overwhelming, there were holes in the floors and pornography scattered everywhere.  There was also a 5-year-old child living in the house, Stephens’ daughter.

The humane society believes the dogs were most likely used for dog fighting to judge from the wounds and bite marks.

One neighbor actually said that Stephen was a “good dad” that got caught up in a situation.  If this is an example of a “good dad” someone changed the requirements on me!

The child was supposedly staying with another family member at the time and had complained that the house smelled bad and that there were “crack heads” in and out all the time.  Yes, a 5-year-old child actually said that as evidenced by the police report.

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Dallas Animal Services Comes Under Fire – VIDEO

Dallas4Dallas3Unbelievable!! After seizing 28 dogs from a South Dallas home, animal services returns the dogs to the owner even though pictures of the animals show the dogs to be emaciated and covered with sores.

Is this the way an animal shelter is supposed to operate? Look at the pictures of these dogs and if you can come up with one sane, reasonable reason why they would be returned, please, tell me!

Dallas1They were not treated for their numerous wounds and open sores, they were not spayed and neutered which is supposed to be mandated, they were not microchipped which is supposed to be mandate. No animal cruelty investigation was ever initiated. Two days after 28 dogs, dogs in terrible shape, living in horrendous conditions, all but one were returned to the owner. And no only were 28 emaciated, injured dogs found, there were also the remains of dogs that were left to die, just piles of bones. And they returned dogs!! I just do not even know what to say about such unbelievable incompetence!!

Whoever made the decision to return those poor dogs needs to be charged with animal cruelty because that’s exactly what this was! This shelter needs to be investigated and a serious overhaul undertaken. If dogs found in these conditions, in this shape, is considered acceptable, what does count as abuse? If pile of bones, dogs left to die, is not considered abuse, what is??

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A south Georgia man, Donald Tumor, is facing nine felony counts of animal cruelty after investigators made a horrendous discovery in his back yard.  They found a pen holding 9 dogs, 4 of them dead and the remaining 5 in such bad shape they will have to be euthanized.

“The animals we found dead, other dogs were in the pen living with the dead animals,” said Martha Ann Coe, Terrell Co. Code Enforcement Dir.

“Four dead animals were removed from one pen, and we have five more that were alive that were removed they were in such bad shape they will have to be euthanized,” said Lt. Gene Shattles, Dawson Police Department.

“The feces within the pen was approximately a foot deep you could not even get the doors on the kennels open because of the feces,” said Coe.

“One female dog that was in the pen she was 3/4 decayed and the puppies were still in form but they were deceased for a while,” said Shattles.

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Dead, Starved Pitbulls, Four Arrests – VIDEO

In two separate cases in Memphis, TN, 4 people were arrested for animal cruelty after one dead pitbull puppy and three starving pitbulls were found at two separate homes.  One of the pitbulls had to be euthanized due to how extremely ill it was.

lydia-halliburtonDelois Halliburton of the 2300 block of Hunter in north Memphis was arrested after a sick, starved pitbull was found chained in her yard, no food or water and an infected wound. This is the pitbull that had to be euthanized. This is not the first time Delois Halliburton had had to deal with Animal Control either, another pitbull was removed from her after it was found running loose and acting aggressively in the neighborhood.

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