We all have days that make us feel like we just want to give up, give in, just run away and sometimes, if we’re lucky, there will be something or someone in our life that inspires us to push on, to continue.

Imagine if you were told you had just three weeks to live. What would you do? Would you curl up and cry and feel sorry for yourself…. would you get your affairs in order…. would you try to fulfill your most special dream?

I first saw this video a while back and it really touched me. Earlier this year, Lis’ Kristof, a cancer survivor for 8 years, was given just 3 weeks to live. She wasn’t ready to let go until she lived her dream and this is truly inspirational.

She left the hospital to run her dog, a Chinese Crested named Diva, through her agility trials just once more. Against impossible odds, she stood on her feet, ran the course with Diva and she got the last qualification necessary to win Diva’s Agility Dog Championship title!

Watch the video and let it touch your heart….

Be Inspired….

On May 6, 2008, Lis lost her battle but she left a powerful memory and tribute to life that will carry on.

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