Dog digs up grenadeSean McDermott of Gisborne, New Zealand owns a dog.  A black lab mix named Duke.  Duke seems to be a playful, fun loving, all around dog, and he loves to dig.  What dog doesn’t like to dig?  Heck, mine digs craters in the back yard.  For what?  Something to do?  Hidden bones or other treasures?  Escape to China?  I don’t know, but my dog has yet to dig up what Duke dug up.

A grenade.

On a lunchtime break at home, Sean McDermott noticed Duke playing with an object in the yard.  He brushed it off and took it inside to the laundry room for a closer look.  It was that “closer look” that prompted a real quick call to the police.

Part of the grenade was missing, but the detonator was still in place.  When the police arrived they immediately called an Army Bomb Squad to disarm the object.  The experts determined it was an MK 5 grenade from World War I –  a “practice grenade”.  Which meant it was a dud.   Quite a relief for Mr. McDermott.  But I think the real relief came from his homeowners insurance company.  During the wait for the bomb squad, Sean called them to verify his home was covered in the likelihood the grenade detonates.

Apparently it was not unusual for soldiers to keep these types of grenades as souvenirs after the War.  How it got into the McDermott backyard, nobody knows.  But Sean McDermott intends to keep the grenade as his own souvenir.

DukeHe also intends to keep Duke.  A couple of months ago Duke was taken from his previous owners for alleged animal cruelty.  He was neglected and starved and seized by the SPCA.  The SPCA is still in the process of transferring ownership to Sean McDermott.   Sean strongly advocates getting your new best friend from a shelter or rescue.  Because, according to Sean McDermott, “you never know when they’ll dig up a grenade in your back lawn.”

Thanks for the advice, Sean, but I hope you won’t be too upset if we just buy our adopted shelter dogs a sandbox.  You know, like, just to be safe.

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