This is for any of you dog owners who have prolific backyard diggers!

Now Jezzie and Bruti love to dig and given the chance they would probably dig their way straight to China… LOL. I have a nice large yard surrounded by a 6′ privacy fence with a securely locked gate so my babies are pretty safe in the yard. They have unlimited access via a small doggie dog so on occasion they are not always completely ‘under eye’ when they are in the yard and one of their favorite things to do is to just ‘dig in’!

Now, I’ve found a solution to keep them from re-digging out a hole that I’ve filled in. This won’t stop them from digging new ones but will keep them from coming back to the same stop again and again and so far it has worked 100% for me. Whenever I find a hole, I fill it it most of the way then deposit some of their waste (ok, dog poop!) into the hole then finish the fill-in. I’ve never yet had them go back to a spot where I’ve done that, they have quite an aversion to their own waste products and it also makes for a great disposal area.

Everyone who has tried this so far has had great success. If you try it, let me know how it works for you! 😀

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